Quit Smoking

Smoking cessation is one of the most common therapies with Bioresonance.

Quitt Smoking

In the past 5 years of my 27-year medical career, I had the opportunity to examine and follow many studies on resonance therapies. As a result, I decided to launch  Neo-Resonance & Coaching Centre with the most advanced device, in addition to the Neo-Resonance techniques and strategies, which are incomparable.


How long does smoking cessation therapy take with Neo-Resonance?

Duration of the therapy is around 55 minutes.

What happens during the Neo-Resonance smoking cessation therapy?

What to expect.


Please ensure you bring at least one cigarette from the usual brand you purchase, if you usually smoke two different brands of cigarette please bring one cigarette from each brand.


Once you arrive, please speak to reception.


Once you have had your pre-therapy discussion with reception, the smoker is asked to smoke 1/3 of the cigarette they have brought with them. We place this semi-smoked cigarette in a specially made glass tube and place it in the device.


Then the Neo-Resonance therapist will have a further conversation with you and make necessary observations. You will be seated in a comfortable chair and connected to the device.


What happens once the individual is connected…

The device reverses the electromagnetic frequency from the cigarette(s). In other words, it creates a mirror image of the frequency of the cigarette electronically.





These inverted electromagnetic frequency waves are given to the body of the individual enabling cessation. Thus, two frequencies that occur exactly as the opposite of each other delete each other, meaning they practically destroy each other.

All clients are advised to stay away from smoking environments especially in the first 48 hours (2 days) of being treated. Although the individual will not have any cravings it is advised that they steer clear of such environments to increase detoxing. As the therapy is inclusive of a detox element, in order to be completely efficient the process of cleaning from cigarettes, starts from the 55-minute session and it takes 48 hours to complete.

Within the first 48 hours of being treated, if the individual is in a smoking environment including outdoors and rooftops, for instance sitting next to a table or sitting next to one or several smokers; this makes the individual a passive smoker/secondary smoker. In a nut shell, the inhaling of cigarette smoke and smell affects the post therapy detoxification element which as mentioned above lasts for an average of 48 hours, this can cause a decrease in the quality of the therapy.

Although you will not be craving or desiring cigarettes for the above reasons it’s advised that individuals avoid smoking environments for two days’ post therapy.

The process has no side effects. At the end of smoking cessation therapy, the person feels relief and calmness.

After Neo-Resonance therapy is finished at the end of the 55 minutes, detoxification which is cleansing begins very quickly in the person’s body.