Quitting alcohol is a frequency-wiping therapy, just like smoking.


With the Neo-Resonance therapy performed sessions include using a sample of the types of alcohol consumed by the person. During these sessions, the electromagnetic frequencies of alcoholic beverages are taken and these frequencies, which are electronically reversed are given appropriately to the person’s body.

As these frequencies, which are superimposed in the form of a mirror image of each other, erase this dependency in people who want to quit alcohol.

Alcohol sessions are held over 3 sessions. The session duration is approximately 50-55 minutes. The sessions are held with an interval of 3 – 4 days.


While the person is sitting comfortably in a seat during the alcohol cessation session, he/she holds the electrodes made of copper, with both hands. The feet are also in contact with specially made conductive pedals.



During the process the person feels calm and relaxed. Sometimes there may be a slight feeling of lightheadedness. However, when the therapy is over and the person gets up from the seat this feeling disappears immediately. This does not prevent the person from driving or returning to work, they are able to do so immediately after therapy.


We advise the person to drink plenty of water. Because water is indispensable for Neo-Resonance therapies. We ask you to drink two to three liters of water daily.


After each session, spending time in the sauna, bath or hot tub provides great support to this detox process and is highly recommended.