The highest smoking cessation rate of 92.8%

The best in Weight loss and appetite suppressing



As a physician practising for 27 years, for the past 5 years I have been focusing on resonance therapies and conducted advanced research on Bioresonance. I have also conducted further extended research on all devices used for Bioresonance treatments and studied the effectiveness of each treatment and impacts of the different devices used.


The extensive research I have conducted on the different treatment techniques used in conjunction with the different devices my findings are the Neo-Resonance devices are the most effective devices in co-operation with the Bioresonance treatment techniques, upon further research I have brought together the combination of Neo-Resonance device and Neo-Resonance techniques based on comprehensive Bioresonance techniques and study which have proven to be the most effective and results driven; alternative forms of treatment worldwide.


I established the Neo-Resonance & Coaching Centre, which incorporates the techniques, in August 2017.
In April 2019, I moved my clinic to London and started to operate here.


Now Bioresonance therapies have begun to break new ground with great speed and great momentum.


Smoking cessation, alcohol and drug addictions, appetite suppression, stress management; can be effectively treated at our Neo-Resonance centre.




Quitting smoking; is one of the most common therapies being performed with Neo-resonance. In the past 5 years of my 27-year medical career, I had the opportunity to examine and follow many studies on resonance therapies, I have managed to master the art of performing the smoking cessation using the highest success rate techniques, driven from studies and experience.


We ensure easy and effortless weight loss, slimming and appetite suppression with effective use of the combination of the Neo-Resonance device and Neo-Resonance techniques, this therapy does not have any side effects or will not have you feeling restrained within a diet psychological state. As a result of high success rate this therapy has been very popular and in high demand.


The highlight of this treatment is above all, we ensure that your weight loss journey will not have any form of suffocation or struggle, it will be an easy journey with consistent weight loss


Quitting alcohol and treatment for drug addiction is also a frequency-clearing therapy, similar to smoking cessation.

With the Neo-Resonance therapy performed using the Neo-Resonance device, sessions include using a specimen of the types of alcoholic drinks or substance consumed by the individual. During these sessions, the electromagnetic frequencies of the alcoholic beverages/substance are taken and these frequencies, are further-on electronically reversed by Neo-Resonance, then they are given appropriately in reversed form to the individual’s body – curing addiction.


In managing stress, the Neo-Resonance techniques have provided great outcomes.

As an individual is consistent of physical and mental being. The individuals physical and mental being; is a collection of energy and resonances that constantly flows over acupuncture points and meridians which respond incredibly well to Neo-Resonance techniques.


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